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Garage door repair?

I was closing my garage door and there was a shovel in the track of the door….when the door hit it, the cord attached to the spring at the top of the door came unraveled… I have tried to fix it…. The side of the cord that goes around the pulley at the end of the spring is now not attached…. Can I fix this by rewrapping the cord around the pulley? It seems that I may have to take the bottom hinge off and rewrap the cord…. How is the best way to fix this?

Posted by Mico


I do not advise this but if you must try do it with the door open and clamped open in a secure manner. DO NOT in any way loosen any bolt or the setscrews holding that cable drum in place, because you will NEVER get the door fixed yourself. Those springs have some power even open so have some help and be careful. I have rewound thousands of these but I know exactly what I am doing and what can happen. If at the end the door does not go down freely do not force it, call a door company!